Secondary Series Dust Collector-Cyclone/Cartridge Dust Collector 2 in 1 Unit

Group Dry dust collector/separator
Min. Order 1 set
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2020-05-28
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Operation Principle

Dust air firstly enters into cyclone separator from dust source through suspended hood which is connected with dust remover. High density dust is radically split by cyclone within the tank; large grain size dust is separated and falls into storage tank at the lower end ; fine particle dust enters the hop-pocket dust collector or filter dust remover; remaining fine particle dust is blocked on the surface of the hop-pocket and cylinder; clean air is discharged out of the dust remover after passing through the filter material. The former part of the cyclone separator has separated most of the dust particles (efficiency>75%), so dust removing burden in the later part is reduced, which enhances filtering efficiency and prolong its service life.