Industrial Explosion Protection ACMAN Technologies Overview

Time: 2018-02-15
Summary: Inlet of vented or suppressed dust collector.Flap valve must be located in the horizontal position upstream of the collector somewhere in the min-max limitations .Minimum of 5X the duct diameter horizontal downstream from the flap valve outlet to any bends or elbows.Location of other inlet ducts manifolding into the main duct connection to the collector must be upstream of the flap valve location.Pressure loss (up to 2” wg) must be acceptable to the process operation.
Characteristics of An Explosion
Explosion Pentagon 
Typical Explosion Event 
Deflagration Principle 
Explosion Suppression System
Explosion Suppressors 
Flameless Explosion Vents
Explosion Isolation Testing at FSA
Explosion Isolation Barriers
Passive Explosion Isolation Barriers
ProFlap III Interface Panel
When Can Flap Isolation Valve Be Used?
VENTEX Float Isolation Valve
Explosivity Testing
Dust Collectors
Collectors - Protection Option 1
Collectors - Protection Option 2
Collectors - Protection Option 3
Collectors - Protection Option 4
Collectors - Protection Option 5
Collectors - Protection Option 6
Spray Dryers
Volume Calculation
SMARTIS Isolation Model

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