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Where need the Powder dumping machine?

Feeding material tank, blending tank….

What is the filter material?

PE cartridges.

This feeding station has blower?

This dust-free bag dump station is NO-STANDARD size, some need the blower, some want to link to their central dust collection system, some want the offline pulse jet to clean the cartridges, some no needs, the size and dumping size is also can design for your needs.

Where is the Access door?

The Access door is on the dust collector’s top, and needs height to change the filter bag.

The filter bag's size?

130*3000mm, 130*5000mm, 130*8000mm, sometimes depends on the location size.

The bag type dust collector’s disadvantage?

The separation efficiency is low; the filter bag’s lifespan is short; the maintainance cost is high, the machine size is big, the compressed air consumption is high.

Which situation is suitable for baghouse filter?

Bag type dust collector is the first generation filtration machine, and it suitable for dry material. In super high temperature raw gas (280 census degree), it has glassfiber bags, and also cheaper than others. And it is also suitable for big airflow central collection.

What is the maintenance and replacement of cyclone?

Unlike many dust collectors, the Cyclone contains no moving or replaceable parts and is essentially maintenance free.

What is the cyclone working principle?

Air is suck into the Cyclone tangentially and rotates at high velocity around the inner circumference. The heavier dust is separated from the air by centrifugal action and is deposited in the barrel or hopper.

What dust is suitable for cyclone separator?

The Cyclone can be used in almost any application that generates dust particles greater than 20 microns in diameter. Use the Cyclone as your primary collector, with or without the optional after- filter, for dusts of moderate to coarse particle size.

What is the dust suction hood's size?

Round size 50mm, and the hood is 1600mm-1800mm from the ground and it can adjust 200mm of the height, and the hood can flexible 360 degree rotation.

What should concern when use central collection?

So many points should be sucked into one dust collector, first, the pressure and air flow distribute should be concern first. Second, when shut down some points or open more points will influence the whole system.

What are the Performance Advantages?

• Proven Spark Mitigation• Greatly reduced damage to filter media• Minimal pressure drop• Zero footprint/space requirement• Easy installation: no factory tech or calibration required • Works in vertical or horizontal position• No secondary dust accumulation point

What is the selection procedure?

Step 1: Identify the duct diameter.Step 2:Confirm the air flow. If the flow falls outside the range shown, refer to the flow information below.Step 3:Identify the corresponding model numberStep 4:Select the material and flange pattern.